Product Features

What is SurveyBandhu?

SurveyBandhu is a platform which lets you create your own surveys online, collect responses on your tablet and lets you generate various analytic reports on the collected responses!!!

Some of the features that make SurveyBandhu better are:

Collect surveys Offline
No Internet connection is required while conducting surveys, SurveyBandhu app can save all your surveys safe on the device. The collected surveys can then be uploaded once the internet connection is available.

Android Powered Devices
SurveyBandhu app with the current version can only be used on Android Powered Devices, there are no restrictions on the number of devices used to gather data.

Creating Surveys online
With a dedicated and user friendly website, users can create their surveys online by simply logging inn to the website with your account and follow the guide to setup your questionnaire and question and answer formatting.

Flexible Question Layouts
SurveyBandhu app has the flexibility to display all your question on a single screen, or show a group of questions or one question at a time all depending upon your Needs.

Tablets as Kiosks
SurveyBandhu app can transform your tablet into a fun and interactive self-administered data collection kiosk system which the respondent can use to complete the surveys directly.

Notification center
Get real time notifications to your mobiles or messages via emails, SurveyBandhu lets you configure what type of notification you would like to receive in real time

Branding & Customization
Customize your surveys by adding your custom colors to the backgrounds, add your company logo to the footer of the screen, add images and so on.

Easy To Use
Create your surveys online with our administration website, Download and Collect the data on your tablet using the SurveyBandhu app, Collected surveys can then be used for Analysis.

Question types
Select from over 11 different question types, using which you can create an interactive surveys for your customer.

Download Survey Responses
All your survey responses can be downloaded from SurveyBandhu site in various popular file formats, CSV, PDF etc. Responses remains on the site and can be accessed until your subscription is active.

Information screens
You can setup screens which only has information text on it and no questions and answers on it. you can use such screens to tell the end users on what sort of questions are coming up next or showing information on what the customers need to do next.

Real-Time Survey Results
Surveys can be seen for analysis as soon as they are uploaded from the app, this helps in tracking happy or unhappy customers, analyze the results from the surveys for required information.

Accurate Results
This requires no manual data entry, what this means is that the Survey collected is exactly the same which is available on the site. Data accuracy will always be 100% with SurveyBandhu.

PDF Reporting
Generate reports in PDF formats to share the data with senior leadership or with other officials.

All the survey results can be visually illustrated using the chart feature. They can be configured for different types of charts, layouts, all set to your specification.

Try SurveyBandhu now and find out how easy it is to carry out market research, collect customer feedback and any other data on the go.